Wedding Photographer with a Story to Tell!

Alabama Wedding Photographer

Today marks a day that will forever be known, to me, as the day I launch my business online! As an Alabama wedding photographer I am excited to start working with couples who have an awesome story to be told and who love to have some fun! But you might be saying to yourself, "my story isn't awesome". Well I beg to differ! Hi there, my name is Cody Allen and I know that there is not a soul in creation that doesn't have an awesome story to be told! I am living proof! 

 Wedding's are such a special moment between a couple. But this is just one day, albeit a rather important day, in this couples story. How can a life story be told in one day's time? Short answer - it can't, however that's not the point. As a wedding photographer I want my pictures to be another chapter from your storybook. 

As a couple in today's world you probably have a Facebook where a bunch of pictures of you and yours are stored. That's great, but let me ask, what if Facebook turns into Myspace? What will you do about all those pictures? (Pro Tip: download those pictures to your computer and store them on an external hard drive so you will have a copy of the digital files, and then have them printed. Either singles or in an album.) Printing your Facebook photos will help to deepen and enrich your story in a way that is totally unique to your adventure. 

With all that being said, please search for a wedding photographer that knows the importance of capturing your memories. There is honestly no substitute in having a great wedding photographer document your wedding! 

Reminiscent Photography practices what we preach, so if you have been having trouble or even if you just started searching for a wedding photographer check out our Wedding Packages to see what we have to offer, or go ahead and shoot us a message so we can get the ball rolling on your wedding!