FDR State Park - Best Spots for your Engagement Photos

Are you having your wedding or Engagement session at FDR State Park? I partnered up with Kelly, the Wedding Coordinator, over at the park to give you the best locations for your photos! Check them out and be sure to stop by the office to let them know I sent you their way!

The Park Office

You may think I’m kidding with this one but just look at this view!! Take one step out the back door and you are in paradise! I could get use to working in a park if this was my view all day everyday!!


You have almost 180 degrees of panoramic views of the landscape below. What’s not to love about this view!! Rain or shine this should definitely be on your list of images you want captured during your trip to the park.


Stone Amphitheater

Right next door to the park office you have a beautiful stone amphitheater with a beautiful over look! The possibilities here are endless.


This place is always amazing. This is one of the several places we have to hold your wedding ceremony and the views do not disappoint. Be sure to include the stone work and views in your images to really show off how special of a spot this is.


Stairway to Heaven

This one you will have to climb some stairs to get to, but the results are totally worth it. Try different angles and positions here to maximize this hidden gem.


If you go down the hill a little way you will come across a place that is super popular to have birthday parties or family reunions. However, don’t let appearances fool you. Just behind the facility here are steps that lead up the hill and to the lake. With the right angle it appears these steps lead straight to Heaven and lends itself to some very dramatic images!


The Venue

Down the hill and through the woods you will come out to the newly renovated and gorgeous venue. Save this spot for a night time shot so you can turn on the lights!!


This is the brand new Venue for the Park and it does not disappoint. Surrounded by a serene landscape, one could get lost in time here. The magic for this place happens around twilight and afterwards as the sun complete dips behind the horizon. If you have good balance (or a photographer that’s skilled at Photoshop), then take a long exposure shot here. The night sky is lit up with stars to create the most magnificent images. I’m telling you, this place has a ton to offer with the best spot yet to come.


The Knob

Hands down, this is the best spot in the entire park. There is no bad time to visit this spot. Early morning shoots will have the sun coming up in the background of your photo. Even during the middle of the day there is plenty of shade and spots to grab some amazing images from. The afternoon/evening time is magical in and of itself. You can see for miles. And if you are lucky you can catch a rainbow off in the distance!


This is it. This is what you come to FDR State Park for. The Knob is a spot straight out of magical land. The view here is more than just scenic, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. There are so many spots here to utilize that you could end up spending your entire photo session here.

That’s it guys. I plan on going back to visit again real soon to see what else this place has to offer. Be sure to head over to the park yourself to see what all this place has to offer.

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