Your love-story will be remembered and retold for generations to come.

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Let’s be clear, I didn’t grow up dreaming of my own wedding or what flowers I would have, or what suit I wanted, and I definitely didn’t give much thought to having this day captured for my kids to have one day. I was the typical little boy growing up.

Even as I was getting married myself I still didn’t see the value in remembering this day. Now I knew it was a special day that would only happen once, but back then no one told me what I wish they would have…


One day you will reminisce on moments and memories from your past and you won’t remember everything.


That statement has stuck with me for some time now but rang true to me when my first son was born and was driven home with my second son. They have grown up so fast that I want to be able to remember them as little boys when they are grown and getting married themselves.

You deserve this for you and your family. Your memories and stories deserve to be remembered and retold for generations to come! When your kids walk down the aisle for themselves, will they know what it was like for you when you walked the aisle? Will the love you have for your fiancee be so infectious that your kids look for that same kind of love in their spouse?

This is why I am a wedding photographer, because people and their memories deserve to be remembered and their love-stories retold for generations to come.